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Punch tool Tubing Cutter, Punch N Cut

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Shenzhen Yongcheng Technology Co. Ltd
Item: 3-in-1 drip tubing cutter, punch and insertion tool punch N cut, can be cut 1/4, 1/2, 3/4" drip tube or drip line
Materials: best rigidity and toughness
For micro tube and pipe
Surface: light or shiny
Colors: green/blue/red choose
Feature: three-in-one cutter (blade-pellet punch-punch pin)
Lightly squeeze handles while rotating them up and down, gently squeeze the handles top to bottom tour
Reduce pressure at end of cut
Do not cut metal or any harder than plastic
Cut PE, rubber hose, PVC, rope pipe radiator, poly pipe
Blade of metal, very sharp, longest lasting blade, clean straight cut
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